It is a pretty big feat to remodel a basement. Most houses are not fitted with basements planned to be changed into living spaces, unless you live in a newer home that is intended for a potential remodel. However, this shouldn’t be seen as a setback, it is simply a matter of understanding how to handle the situation. Here are few tips to help you on the journey to remodel your basement.

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Plan your exits

In case of emergency, building codes usually ask for safe exit routes in case of an emergency, especially in bedroom areas. One of the common requirement is that an opening window should be big enough and close enough to the ground to reach for easy escape, which sometimes has to do with reducing down the foundation and building a window well. The windows in this finished basement will let in loads of light and also will provide an easily accessible escape route in case of emergency.

Can you drain?

Many basement remodels involve installing a new bathroom and this usually involve removing part of the concrete slab in order to connect new waste lines for the toilet and shower or tub. To be able to connect those lines, you have to consider how deep your waste lines are below the concrete floor surface.

Stop the water

Do not finish a part of your basement that has water issues until the source is found and fixed. An example is when moisture or water is coming in through the foundation or slab.


If you live in earthquake country, make sure you bolt down your foundation and install shear wall at your pony walls to prevent or reduce risk of failure in an earthquake. Pony walls are the short-framed wall between the foundation and the floor system.

Reduce noise

A newly finished basement can affect the rest of your house with noise, especially if you create a media or play room. Install sound insulation into the basement ceiling to help this.

Look ahead

When finishing your basement, think about future projects. Since the basement is the center of most homes’ mechanical systems, you might need to get in your basement for an additional project or need to do major work on your main floor.

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