My Three Favorite Window Types

Even a small thing can change the way we live our life. Likewise, a small change in your home can be momentous and make a big difference. In fact, window replacement can boost the value as well as the stylistic theme of your home. Furthermore, It is a fruitful investment which provides significant profits. The room decor is nothing without the windows. Sadly, a lot of people overlook this amazing decorative element. Today, I am sharing the list of my three favorite window types; as an O’Fallon window service provider, I know whats in demand and what our clients alwyas opt for and and this will surely help you choose the ideal window type.


I am a person who loves nature; that is why my first preference is the gliding windows. These windows incorporate two sashes and one of the sash slides in the horizontal direction. These types of windows are ideal for living rooms as well as bedrooms. They offer amazing viewing experience, especially the bigger ones. Gliding windows can cover the complete area of a wall. So, if there is an amazing view in front of any of your room, you can consider replacing your old windows with new gliding windows. Don't worry, they can also be installed in less space or area.

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As a already told you that I love amazing views and nature; this is why my next choice is the picture windows. You have a lot of options for window replacement, but this option will surely amaze you. The term "picture window" given to this type of window due to its feature of providing amazing views; just like a scenery outside or a picture frame.

However, this type of window should only be installed when you have a great view outside. It will provide a clear view of all the outdoor surroundings. Apart from this, you will be able to get full sunlight inside your room. These are also ideal for living room space. If you want to highlight an eye catching, appealing, attractive, and beautiful outdoor view, then a picture window is perfect for you.


Wondering why I like sash windows? It’s because they are capable of providing a traditional look with a modern touch. These types of windows are very popular in Yorkshire and London, especially wooden framed sash windows. You can install this type of window along with the Victorian style window to give your home a unique and classic look. The sash windows come in many different styles and unique designs.

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