DIY Installation Guide For Windows

DIY replacement windows can be money and time saver, and are available in different materials; however, it is crucial to properly measure the frame before ordering DIY windows. Installation tips should also be considered which include ensuring the nails are carefully removed from the frame and the windowsill is not ruined. Another thing is to check the windows are square and plumb, as well as the new frame has the same downward slope as the current windowsill. More details below, as adviced by one of my friend who’s deals on windows in Chesterfield.

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Why people use DIY windows? The main reason is inexpensiveness. Yes, they are less expensive to install. One can also install them from inside without trimming the exterior. Some new types of DIY windows are energy efficient. They can be built from different materials such as wood and vinyl. Apart from the material, they are easily available in different styles. After choosing the style, you need to take proper height as well as the width measurements of your current windows. Always take accurate measurements to ensure the fitting.


Ensure that the windowsill doesn’t have any dry rot or wood decay. It is useless to set up DIY windows in a rotten or decayed frame. Inside sashes and stops should also be removed from the window before replacement. All the nails should be removed and the frame should be cleaned. You can try hammering the nails or pull them out to remove from the site.


Check the fitting by placing the new DIY replacement window in the frame. Uproot the window and put a perfect bead of caulk along the windowsill as well as the stop is internal edge. Keep in mind that the windows must be in square dimension. You can check whether the window is plumb or not, by measuring the sides diagonally and using the spirit level gauge.


Use bigger nails (more than 1 inch) to reinstall the inside stops. Then, you need the caulk or seal the inside stops with frame. Now everything is done and you only need to check the installation from outside.


Things to keep in mind: checking the existing window, measuring the frame, selecting the right type of window, installation, and properly sealing all the openings. Proper and accurate installation is important to prevent mold growth, rot, heat loss, and keeping moisture out. Watching Youtube videos regarding the installation is also suggested, since the correct installation is crucial.

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