5 Types of Popular Windows

Windows are available in a wide range of frames and glazing types. No matter, your desire, it is possible to find a window that meets your need. Here are the most popular types of windows, they are the most popular i have seen during Wildwood window replacement show trade.

Awning windows

These types of windows are suitable for providing light and breeze. They are a great option for fixing in the areas of the bedroom where privacy is key but still there is a need for light. It is possible to open Awnings, slightly to create room for enable ventilation. These can also be fixed in different places such as close to other windows, above the large patio doors and also arranged in column. However, their main con is that their screens are usually set on the interior side and this makes the dust that fall into the sash to get onto the floor.

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Casement windows

Casement windows are able to open outward to enable fresh air, side breezes and light to penetrate. These types of windows are usually sealed tightly and a great options for areas that are hard to reach such as over the kitchen sinks and appliances. Rather than sliding up and down, these types of windows usually crank open and this makes it easier to maneuver them.

Double hang windows

One of the reasons why most people prefer the double hang windows is because of their ease of access, unique styles as well as better ventilation capabilities. It is possible to open the window’s top while the bottom remains closed and this is why they are a great option for children’s rooms. You can have these types of windows put in nearly every other area of your home. They are a great option for kitchens, bedrooms and even offices. However, they also have their cons in that they can leak more air as compared to the other types of windows. You should also bear in mind that only half of the window opens while other types are able to open fully.

Picture windows

Picture windows have an advantage in that they can create a great view of the outside. These types of windows are a good option for areas where ventilation isn’t a big concern. You can install them on the hallways and dark room so that they can offer better lighting. When you combine them with open & close windows or the patios doors, picture windows can create a perfect balance of ventilation and light.

The main con of these types of windows is that they are mostly made of glass and therefore, they can be vulnerable to breakages.

Bay windows

With the bay windows, it is possible to create an open and peaceful feel inside. Bay windows have multiple views that enable light to stream in from different angles. It is also possible to open the window’s side to enable air circulation. These types of windows can create style and uniqueness in any room. When you replace a flat window with a bay window, this can increase the light flow to a room. These windows are suitable for kitchens but can also help to add character to the master bedrooms and family rooms.

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